6 Stigmas About Drug Addiction Treatment That Are Being Broken

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If you’ve tried to quit using drugs or alcohol and find yourself unable to do so, addiction treatment centers exist to help you tackle abstinence. You might really want help but find yourself contemplating the fears and stigmas that come with entering a rehabilitation center. Those stigmas aren’t true, and they’re being broken. You can find a center that will make you feel comfortable and give you the tools you need to stay sober.

If you find yourself wondering if an addiction treatment program is right for you, consider whether some of these stigmas might be holding you back:

1. It has to be “really bad” to get help.

You may think rehab is only for the worst cases, when the patient has lost their job, their relationships, and their quality of living from substance abuse. In reality, it’s for anyone that needs help.

2. Addiction treatment is full of rough personalities.

You might think rehab centers are full of “rough personalities” and fear for social conflict and lack of connection with fellow patients. Actually, anyone can suffer from addiction, and the center is full of regular people, just like you, trying to get their lives back on track after falling into addiction.

3. If you need inpatient treatment, you don’t have will power.

If you’re experiencing guilt that you can’t quit an addictive substance, because you feel like you should be able to just stop, remember that a chemical has highjacked receptors in your brain. You are experiencing physical and chemical dependency on that substance. It is completely normal to need help to stop that process from occurring.

4. Addiction is a moral failing.

Some people think that if you’re addicted to a substance, you are not as good a person as someone that is not. If your addiction has caused you to do things you regret, you may feel bad as well. Enrolling in an addiction treatment program is an excellent first step to becoming the person you want to be. Anyone can become addicted, and it’s no indication of the kind of person you are.

5. Once an addict, always an addict.

Rehab can seem scary if you fear the label of “addict” for life from an addiction that was otherwise unknown to others, or you were able to hide. While there are ways to be discreet about entering an addiction treatment program, you can also remember that there is a life after addiction where your identity is shaped by new decisions and the labels you want for yourself.

6. Addiction treatment programs are clinical and expensive.

If the thought of a rehab center gives you One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest vibes, know that most centers actually look more like spas or wellness centers with simple hotel-like rooms. You can tour the facility to ensure you’re comfortable with the space.

You might also think inpatient treatment is expensive, but your health insurance will usually cover it. If you don’t have insurance, the facility can work with you to set up a payment plan. You can search the web and find a great medication-assisted treatment for Opioid help that matches your budget and needs.