5 Ways Web Design Affects Your Conversion Rate

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The goal of online marketing is to increase conversion rates. It refers to the number of people who decided to patronize the brand. After visiting the page, they decided to buy after realizing that the business has essential services offered. Several factors come into play in increasing the conversion rate. One of them is web design. With a well-organized website, it’s easier to attract attention. Seeking help from a reputable Portland web design agency is even better. They know web design elements well and can use them to the company’s advantage. 

Here are five ways where Web Digital Auckland positively affects the overall conversion rate. 

1. Images make the company more relatable

The business shouldn’t use random images that don’t make sense. People use them to determine if they will patronize the brand. Replace current generic photos with people using the products and services. They will feel more enticed to buy if the photos are relatable. It also helps to remove stock photos since they don’t create any emotional impact. People who see these pictures won’t feel moved. It’s even worse if the pictures contain models who don’t look like them. These stock images are free to use for commercial purposes but aren’t helpful in online marketing efforts.

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2. Improve design and navigation

The page should be easy to navigate. Not everyone is patient enough in going through the content. Some people might decide to leave if they realize that the page is too difficult to use. The messy organization and the unnecessary subcategories will turn them off. Improving the navigation experience gives them a reason to stay and keep exploring. It also helps if they don’t get redirected all the time. Some people are impatient, and they dislike the idea of opening several pages at a time. If the bounce rate is low, it could lead to a higher conversion rate. Check the site Filmy god

3. Web elements can speak to the users

If the target audiences are young, the website should look hip and cool. If it’s too boring and dry, some users might not stay. They don’t think that the company is the perfect fit for them. It doesn’t speak to their interests and personality. It also shows that the business doesn’t put too much effort into knowing its target audiences well. Replacing the design with something more youthful is better. It makes the site more relatable. 

Another strategy is to make the website more appealing. Highlight the promotions available for potential customers. Use exciting animations and videos. The calls to action should be enticing too.  

4. Make the website more responsive

People are generally impatient, and they dislike the idea of waiting for a website to load. They might decide to leave the page right away. They prefer to get the relevant information in an instant. If it takes over three seconds for the site to load, they will leave. It’s even worse if the page doesn’t open correctly on mobile devices. Most people use mobile phones to search for information. They will feel turned off if the website doesn’t look great on phones. Change the host or remove unnecessary elements to make the site more responsive. 

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5. Highlight interesting videos

We live in an age where videos are everything. Sofia media influencers succeed because they use interesting videos. The best part about using videos is that they’re easy to understand. They contain relevant information that people can absorb within a few minutes. An introduction video should be available on the homepage. It gives people more ideas about what the company offers. There should also be an explainer video that describes the use of the products and services. Some people only need this information to change their minds and decide to close the deal. Using creative videos will help win them over. The best part is that videos are easy to share on social media for other people to see. 

Web design is crucial to the success of online marketing

Everything starts with a quality website. The business can succeed in SEO or PPC and bring more people to the site. However, if they don’t find anything enticing during their visit, they will leave. It feels like the website didn’t address their concerns and what they’re looking for. 

Hence, it makes sense to work with a reputable web design agency and best SEO agencies. With these experts working on the right strategy, it’s easy for the company to increase online visibility. More people will feel satisfied with their experience in using the website and eventually become loyal to the brand. It takes a while to get there, but it’s possible.

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