5 Tools That Will Make Your Work From Home Easier

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In today’s world, almost every business and management is undergoing a transition from normal working to virtual working, i.e, working from home. As it is a new method of working, not every employee or even manager is aware of it properly, and thus they work with less productivity and efficiency.

To increase their efficiency and productivity, there are various tools, like PDF editor, developed that facilitate certain services to work effectively.

Google Workspace

Every employee, manager, or even student must have these apps with them. Google workspace was previously called G Suite, it is the collection of different helpful tools such as Google doc, Google Drive, Gmail, sheets, slides, etc.

For a good and HD quality video conference call, the google meet app is facilitated in this Google workspace. Almost 1.5 billion people work from home using these powerful tools.


It is a web-based group tool with over one million users worldwide. It allows you to create sequential and accurate lists or groups of your team. More than one person can work on Trello. It provides you with different useful services like monitoring the workflow of the team, tracking the project productivity, organizing meetings, etc.

You just have to set up your own board, and then start working by adding your cards and by using PDF to Word converter. Moreover, you can invite your teammates to work on the same board, strengthening teamwork.


Another most useful tool is to manage people and assign work to them. In the last few years, slack has developed its popularity worldwide, and today more than 8 lakh companies are using its software. It has direct messaging available for the users.

Files can be shared and managed by more than 15 people on one platform. Video meetings are also featured for up to 15 people. It also features the automation of the tasks once scheduled.

Base camp

It is an ideal tool for working from home. It is designed with features that are generally useful for people who are working from home. It is a project management tool that assists you to communicate and work with the team. Base camp has the project board assigned where the members are required to update their working time from time to time.

Moreover, they can share their feedback and sights on the project on the message board. It has various sections like schedule, docs, files, group chat, automatic check-in, and to-dos.


Zoom was launched in 2012, but it gained popularity during the pandemic, Covid -19. A large number of people were attracted to this app. It is a video conferencing app where more than 100 people can connect.

Every organization whether it is a school, college, or office, everyone can connect itself irrespective of its location. Moreover, there is no time limit and you can host up to 300 participants without any problem if you have a business account.

So, these were the best 5 tools that every person, who is working from home must have with them. If you don’t have any of them, install them now and enjoy the benefits as well as boost your productivity.