5 Tips For Creating Effective Teasers With An Online Video Maker

An online video maker is a perfect tool for making teaser videos that create excitement and buzz around your product or service. They should ideally be around 15 seconds and no more than a minute although your first 3 seconds are key in capturing attention. The good news though is that an online video maker like this one makes it very easy to create the perfect online teaser. The platform has great business templates to choose from and the editing is very simple such that you can create something unique for your brand. Now, you just need to plan your teaser content and get creative. Here are some tips to review before you get started.

5 Tips for Creating Effective Teasers with an Online Video Maker

Effective teasers grab attention straight away and talk to the heart. Have a look at these ideas to help you plan your perfect teaser:

1- Choose video templates to suit your target audience 

Teaser online videos are all about creating moments. You literally have seconds when people decide if they’re going to continue watching your video or not. Therefore, make sure you understand who your target audience is and what’s going to appeal to them. It’s then much easier to choose the right video template from which to work from. You can then apply the video editing tools to customize as much as you like, including downloading your own content and images. It’s actually very easy to drag and drop directly into your chosen template. Some video maker tools also have large libraries of music tracks although you might prefer to use your own. Either way, you can be sure you’ll have a high-quality output that looks professionally made.

2- Use images that create excitement about your business offering

People want to believe in something and to feel like they’re doing something good with your business product or service. So make sure that your message is clear and that the next step for them is both easy and exciting. Research also shows that people respond to faces in online videos because they make products and services look more human and real. This also means that your content should not be overly promotional and pushy. Instead, you want to build some hype perhaps even by asking a question to make people think differently? Clearly, you should then be clear as to how your product or service helps answer that question.

3- Include customers where possible

Teaser online videos are much more powerful if someone else is saying how great your business offering is. People are more likely to trust others and then they’ll also want to spread the word and share on social media. This is your ideal scenario where you organically grow a community based on your teaser hype. Another way to do this is by making sure that your video thumbnail is eye-catching such that people want to share it on social media. So, before you get started, try to plan ahead how the images and video content are going to come together.

4- Create an emotional link with the right content and audio mix

Marketing is all about connecting through our emotions and values when you create videos. Music is a powerful way to connect to people but they still need to believe in your brand. Then they’ll want to support it and buy whatever it is you sell. Nevertheless, you still need to make sure that the story is clearly linked to your product or service. For example, how will your business offering change how people live their lives or view the world? Apple did this very well by making computers trendy and easy to use.

5- Be clear about your call-to-action

You can have an awesome online video but if no one follows up then you haven’t achieved anything. Do you want people to sign up for your website and newsletter or to give you a call to find out about buying your product? When you make videos for a teaser ad, perhaps the goal is to build curiosity so people can sign up for your newsletter? Alternatively, if it’s all about creating want and need, then perhaps they can buy or call your sales team? Whatever it is, make sure it’s easy and clear for people to follow. It is very important for you Ask a question your elder. 

Final Recommendations for Creating Teasers with an Online Video Maker

Things couldn’t be simpler when creating online videos with a video maker and editor tool. Once you know the goals of your teaser then you can easily choose your template, edit any content, including things like animations, logos, and music. You’re then ready to download into social media and send to your mailing list. So, get planning and enjoy the creative process with your awesome video maker.

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