5 Tactics to drive your ABM process

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You might be reading about many marketing tactics popping out every month in the market but the one marketing tool gaining popularity these days is undoubtedly Account Based Marketing or ABM.

With the audience demanding a more personalized approach and generic marketing tools like TV ads and banners becoming outdated, being specific with your marketing approach has become crucial. This is what ABM has to offer to modern-day marketers.

You should know that ITSMA coined the phrase ABM in the year 2004, but B2B firms have been using the same approach for many years before even this specific term was used to describe this type of marketing approach. For the last couple of years, both sales and marketing teams have been rethinking their demand generation, inbound marketing, and technological evolution. All this has made ABM the star of modern-day marketing.

Understanding ABM marketing is one thing, and using ABM marketing is another. This is why in this blog post, we have come up with five tactics that you can use to drive your account based marketing tactics.

Develop offers that are specific to prospects

The key to success in account based marketing strategy is proper personalization and relevance. You have to understand the fact that there are always some target accounts in an account based marketing strategy program, which is why the type of campaign or offers you are using must have higher conversion rates.

One of the best approaches will be to personalize the content by merely building offers targeted and constructed for a specific target account. This type of course will deepen your level of personalization, and thus you will get better results.

Develop sales offers as such to bag meetings

Most of the marketers out there work on designing offers that will help them in generating leads from whitepapers and webinars. A sales offer is used to aid inside sales or help the sales team get a meeting with the prospect. There are many different types of sales offers that you can use to get an appointment with your prospect and then push those prospects further in the sales funnel.

Many great sales examples offer a free technological assessment or even free of cost security audits to reach the door. You must have noticed that offers with lines like ‘I will like to tell you what the best companies in the world are offering’ prove to be more relevant.

Using retargeting to maintain your image

Retargeting is undoubtedly one of the best methods to repeatedly engage a specific account as employees belonging to that particular account use online content. You should know that recently, there have been many new and innovative retargeting innovations introduced to the market that align seamlessly with your ABM approach.

In the modern era, winning your target audience’s heart and mind is crucial to gain a competitive advantage while getting rid of leaks in your sales funnel. And one of the best ways to do so is to retarget your target audience with the right method.

Create sales territories designed to convert

If you look at the previous trends, you will realize that all the sales territories were designed on equality and fairness. But have you ever imagined what will happen when you assign salespeople to specific domains based on their likelihood to close a deal? Well, this will lead to better account based marketing tactics.

For example, if you are going to assign a sales territory to a salesperson, then before doing so, you can go through the selling relationship or simply analyze the past sales history to maximize the chances of closing the deal instead of leaving everything on the sales team.

Test direct mail with executives

Direct mails have been used as a mode of direct marketing for many years, but direct mail was left behind with the advent of digital marketing. But still, direct mail can be highly effective, especially for reaching targeted groups of executives.

This type of approach will work for you because all or we can say most of the executives don’t usually register for white papers or webinars respond to unsolicited emails. They don’t even follow company people on social media sites like Twitter.

Having a precise and well-planned ABM marketing strategy can do wonders for your firm, and this is why you should start working on such a strategy as soon as possible. But don’t forget to align both your sales and marketing team to make ABM more effective sales funnel.