5 smart ways to choose a movie to watch

It has happened to you too: you want to watch a movie and you spend hours and hours without deciding on any. With these tips, you will be able to watch the movie without searching for it.

We’re here to save you the weekend with a handful of tips on how to choose a movie to watch when you don’t know which movie to watch on Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Amazon Prime… Because we’ve been in that situation too. You know what we’re talking about, right? 

Platform suggestions

Streaming companies are well aware of this audience problem (and that the longer they take to find something to watch, the more likely they are to go to another platform), and that’s why they created the suggestions. When you have seen a movie that you liked, and especially if you have given it a “like” rating or a positive note, the same service will automatically recommend other similar productions. 

Check the latest releases

When a platform releases a new movie, they will make sure you know about it. An exemplary case is Netflix, which has a great marketing strategy. It will come to you through banners on large buildings, on posters in the subway, or, as we said, on the main page of the platform. 

Among the latest releases you will find more or less interesting productions, and if you don’t know where to find them, you can use websites and apps specialized in cinema.

Trust your main critics

One of the issues that viewers face is that, although we experience a great bombardment of new releases week after week, we don’t know if they are really good, if they fit our tastes. 

That is why the work of critics and cultural informants continues to be important, as they help us to channel the films that reach us. Check what titles they’re talking about now and trust them.

Filter by your favorite directors and genres

When you don’t know which movie to watch, think about which director you like or which star you like more. 

You already know that platforms filter by genre, so there you have the first step, and on Netflix, for example, you can type a title and, even if it doesn’t have it, it offers you similar ones. If we talk about something more specific, use the search engines. Enter their name and you will get their movies and, in some cases, related content.

Friends, social networks, movie apps…

For some people, asking friends or consulting on social networks do not work most of the time, because the viewing options multiply. For others, especially viewers with open tastes and who live cinema as a social experience, it is a great alternative asking friends and searching for recommendation on social networks. So we leave this to your choice. 

On Twitter, for example, there are large circles of moviegoers where you will find recommendations or you can also follow the platform accounts to see the latest releases or reviews.

You can bet YouTube has evolved a lot in the years since it first launched. For this reason, as well as its more recent upgrade, I’ve placed it at the top of the list as the most likely to lead to free, advertising-supported content. Xrysoi is best among all of them. Greek people are loving it.

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