5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Pipe Relining

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If your pipes aren’t performing like they used to, it might be time to get them relined. Pipe relining is an innovative process that helps your pipes last longer, through inserting a new pipe into the ones you already have.

But how do you know if pipe relining is right for you? Here are 5 reasons you should choose pipe relining over traditional pipe repair:

1. It’s More Cost-Effective

Every homeowner that’s had pipe repairs done knows the dread that comes with the associated cost. Repeated jobs can really add up over the years, taking up money that could be better used elsewhere.

Thankfully, pipe relining is far more cost-effective, and only needs to be done once in most cases, giving you back your hard-earned cash and taking the stress out of getting your drains working properly again.

2. It’s Faster

Drain repair can take weeks to accomplish, with many steps involved in the process. It’s also possible that multiple areas will need fixing, taking up even more of your precious time than you’d like it to.

Pipe relining is way timelier, involving only one simple step: the pipe relining itself. Many jobs can even be accomplished in as little as one day — no waiting, camera tech appointment, or digging required.

3. It’s Less Messy

The traditional pipe repair process involves digging up portions of your property, causing an unsightly mess and disturbing the ground. There’s also the chance that replacing the earth after the work is done might not go as smoothly as it should, changing the appearance of your property.

Pipe relining involves much less mess and is a great alternative to excavation. The pipe insert simply fits within your existing pipe so your landscape can remain intact, just the way you like it — nothing disturbed, nothing to put back.

4. It’s Safer

Whenever digging down to pipes needs to be done, the risk of exposure to unsafe conditions is there. Hazardous waste, tools, and equipment are all present, leaving you and your family to wonder if it’s necessary to relocate — another inconvenience you really don’t need.

Pipe relining doesn’t require any digging, and there’s no exposure to unsafe conditions or dangerous equipment to worry about. The technician simply installs the new pipe insert, allowing your family to remain at home with no risk to their safety.

5. It Lasts Longer

With traditional pipe repair, there’s always the chance that more sections of pipe will have to be replaced in the future. That’s because pipes age over the years, losing effectiveness and beginning to break down. This could mean repeated visits from the plumber, and additional inconvenience to you.

Pipe relining is a one-time installation, with most jobs having a minimum guarantee of 50 years. That means you can rest assured that your pipes will continue to perform well, and no added inconvenience will be necessary.


Pipe repair is messy, expensive, and can even be dangerous. On the other hand, pipe relining is none of those things.

However, it is a smart choice for homeowners who like convenience, cleanliness, and saving time and money!

Take these 5 reasons with you and remember them when it’s time to revive your pipes!