5 Reasons to Advertise with Bottled Water

In the world of marketing and advertising, it’s often difficult to make your brand stand out. For the most part, you try to keep to conventional marketing tactics to play it safe, but print ads and social media posts don’t necessarily make the best impression on consumers.

The world is changing, and consumers need more unique marketing tactics to identify with a brand. Social media content certainly helps, but with the amount of content we process daily, your brand may get lost in the shuffle.

Make a name for yourself, and bring a sense of uniqueness to your brand by advertising using bottled water! Here are 5 reasons why advertising with bottled water may help your business to thrive more:

1. Bottled Water is Portable

Bottled water was made to be portable – people can easily carry it around in their hands or their bag without worries of spillage. Water bottles are the perfect way to carry around liquids, which are essential in keeping one hydrated. It’s like having your own travelling billboard!

Besides being portable, water bottles are also usually kept in convenient places like in your hands or on the water bottle attachment in your bag or backpack. These locations are the optimal spaces for brand visibility, getting more consumers to see your brand as the water bottle travels around.

2. You can Customize your Water Bottles

Companies like Crystal Beverage Co. make it easier for brands to advertise their company on water bottles, with custom glass bottle manufacturer labels meant to attract consumers. Because labels are usually separate from the bottle, and can be printed in different designs, you can place information about your business on the label to advertise your brand.

Place your logo, and work with your company colours to create a design that becomes your iconic signature. You’d want to achieve brand awareness where people associate your company with certain designs and colours, like how the general population associates the iconic red with Coca-Cola, and a signature blue for Pepsi.

3. Bottled Water is Affordable

Advertising isn’t just for multi-national companies that have large budgets to spare for marketing; small enterprises can also advertise themselves through different means. Print ads, sponsored social media posts, and radio shout outs are now accessible to all sizes of businesses, but still reach a relatively niche audience.

Bottled water is an affordable alternative to print ads, and can reach a wider range of audience through its visibility in everyday functions. Due to its portable nature, your ad on a water bottle may be seen in the daily commute, restaurants, and more without the high costs of placing your ads in these areas!

4. Using Aluminum Water Bottles is Sustainable

Worried about the impact of plastic water bottles to the environment? Now, there’s a better alternative in the form of the aluminum water bottle! Aluminum is a wholly recyclable material that can be recycled numerous times without degrading the environment or the material.

As an added bonus, aluminum can withstand heat and icy-cold temperatures, making it ideal for different applications as a water bottle. Aluminum water bottles are also reusable, whereas plastic water bottles are not.

5. Water is Essential

Above all, water is essential for all forms of life. We need to drink water and hydrate ourselves everyday, so unlike sports drinks and fruit juice, every person drinks water. Your brand will get maximum visibility with a bottled water advertisement.

Associating your brand with bottled water is also a good association, as water is seen as liquid, a source of life, and transparently clear. Associating your brand with these values creates a notion of importance and life-giving to your consumers, and you get the feel of being an essential business as you associate yourself with the qualities of water.

Water is an essential liquid, and is something we can consider as a unique marketing tool when it comes to water bottles. Though plastic water bottles may harm the environment, there are alternatives you can avail of to market your brand for optimal visibility and brand awareness.

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