5 Mindful Tips for Better Sleep

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Here are a few simple tips to remain mindful and aware of your sleep patterns, needs, and the impact of any adverse sleep issues.

Being mindful is about the ability to think your sleep through, and although it’s a natural process that your body should dictate to a large extent, you still need to understand and make certain decisions, to ensure that it’s the best sleep that you can get.

Bad sleep is one of the best ways to function below your best, and nobody wants this if it can be avoided.

5 Mindful Sleep Processes

1.    Comfort

Your bedroom and bedding need to provide comfort and coziness. However, you also need to be mindful or consider the climate and the season. You will, therefore, need a variety of bedding and a set of pillows that work for your particular sleep position. Therefore, choosing the right winter bedding for you can be one of the most important things that you can do, just as you will need something lighter for the summer.

2.    Sounds and Noise Reduction

Some of you may be able to sleep through anything, and yet others may be awakened by the slightest of noises or a particular sound. Your sleeping area or bedroom should be quiet and protected from the sounds of the external world. If this is impossible, and you live in an area of high traffic and don’t have great double glazing, then look to play relaxing sounds or music to mask the other noises.

3.    Consistency

Sleeping in the same place and generally at the same times is a great way to program the body’s clock and it will make for an easier routine. It’s about the times you go to sleep, the process that you follow leading up to this, and the manner and time in which you wake up.

4.    Clutter

The tidier your sleeping space is, the better. No one wants to have to uncover or rediscover their bed before they get to sleep in it every night. Keep the bedroom as tidy as possible, and if you must have a free-range cupboard or clothes storage system, then look to use a chair or stand, keep the bed space free and tidy and ready for sleep.

5.    Be Tired

Yes, it’s best to be tired before you sleep, and this may be a bit tricky as you establish the perfect timings, but as the body prepares to sleep, you can assist by doing the things that you know will help. Switch off devices, avoid screens or bright lights, and just slow everything down. Reading a book for a while may help for some. Or, an exercise regime that ensures you get to bedtime in a tired state.

Getting the right kind of sleep may be more important than many of us think, and yet, not so hard to achieve if we simply try. The mindful tips above are those aspects related to improved sleep that you can simply think about from time to time until they become a habit and then routine.