5 Important Tips To Consider When Cleaning Your New House

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Cleaning the house is the first thing to do while relocating to a new place. Whether it is newly constructed or a house which was previously occupied by someone else. Dirt, dust, and debris may be present in many areas of the house.

To make it easier for you, do the cleaning before the furniture and furnishings from your old house are transported. You’ll start off right if you thoroughly clean your new home before bringing your possessions in. To clean your new house effectively, keep reading this article to find important tips for cleaning your new home.

Always Choose The Highest Part

Cleaning the highest point of the house, such as the ceiling or wall, is a good place to start when cleaning the new house. In order to prevent dust from returning and contaminating the floor and walls, cleaning the ceiling should come first. Dust and cobwebs on the ceiling can be removed with a clean broom or a long-handled feather duster. You can clean effectively without needing to ascend steps or higher ground thanks to this equipment. Afterward, you can go to the bottom level of the house and continue to clean it.

The method of cleaning from top to bottom, is applicable to every room, including the living room, family room, kitchen, and bathroom.  Make sure the dust in the ceiling’s corners has been thoroughly eliminated after cleaning the entire house. This is done to prevent re-contamination of the cleaned parts by dust and grime.

Start By Cleaning Your Bathroom

The bathrooms are a great location to start as you’ll probably need to use one while cleaning. For optimal results, use disinfecting cleaning. For the glass in the bathroom, you can use window cleaner or all-purpose cleaner. Use a bleach cleaner to remove any mold or mildew you may have seen in the window sills or around the window frame. An old toothbrush or other rough sponge can be used to scrub away the mold after mixing one part of chlorine bleach with warm water. After removing the mold, place the brush in a plastic bag before discarding it to prevent the spread of spores.

To clean the medicine cabinet, linen closet, and bathroom vanity drawers, you can use paper towels or a clean cloth wet with an all-purpose cleaner. Hardware like handles, knobs and pulls shouldn’t be overlooked.

The next thing that you should clean out when cleaning the bathroom is the tub and shower. To get rid of surface dust and grime, use an all-purpose cleaner or tub cleaning. For a newly painted or reglazed tub, use a non-abrasive cleaning. You can also use a vinegar solution to dissolve minerals to fight stubborn soap scum on a glass shower door. Keep in mind to always use a specialist formulated stone cleaner, even to remove soap scum if the shower enclosure is made of tile or stone.

Last but not least, you should disinfect the toilet. Even though it’s not required, cleaning the toilet tank before moving into a new house can help reduce the accumulation of mildew, rust, minerals, and filth that can harm the parts and produce stench.

Pay Attention To The Kitchen

If the previous tenant had left any furniture or cooking set in the kitchen, make sure to clean it before utilizing it. You can use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the stovetop, paying specific attention to the dirty drip pans, as well as the front panel and temperature controls. Ensure that the glass cooktop or gas burners are thoroughly cleaned and that the device can function properly. Keep in mind that the area beneath the stove needs to also be cleaned.

Use a cloth with soap or a cleaner, and clean the dirt from the kitchen cabinet’s drawers and shelves. Make sure to clean the difficult-to-reach top as well to ensure that there is no dirt or dust adhered to it.

Last but not least, you should also clean the kitchen sink, by mixing chlorine-free bleach with some water in a spray bottle.  Additionally, you should also bleach the plugs by submerging them in a solution of water and bleach.

Prioritize Hard-to-Clean Parts

Concentrate on places that, once the house is furnished with the furniture and other items, will be more challenging to access for a cleaning. For example, walls, ceiling siding, air vents, and attics.

Final Touch

The last phase in cleaning your new home is to clean the floors after all the rooms have been cleaned. First, sweep or vacuum the floors, then follow up by mopping it thoroughly. Consider getting the carpet in the house you’re moving into steam cleaned by an expert before you move in. You might wish to take precautions against potential carpet beetles that might already inhabit the carpet.

It’s a good idea to pay attention to how to clean the ceramic in the new house if the floor of your home is made of ceramic. In this way, the tiled floor is properly cleaned, and the level of cleanliness is maximized.