5 Gorgeous Diamond Necklace Styles to Make You Stand Out on your Big Day!

Every young woman envisions her wedding day as the one where she becomes the radiant bride, resplendent in a long, regal train and a piece of royal diamond jewellery. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we make sure you look your best on your wedding day by customising jewellery to your preferences. Be the model bride this year by selecting one of our elaborate diamond necklaces.

Polki Flower Diamond Necklace (159VG1888)

This necklace lives up to its noble reputation by serving as a treasured heirloom for many years. This stunning open Polki or uncut diamond necklace design features a brilliant look and contemporary indo-western pattern and is crafted per your preferences. This necklace’s singular design makes it so iconic that it can stand as a symbol all on its own. We also have a Polki setting gold pendant for women if you want to team up your necklace with a long chain and matching pendant.

Vaibhav Jewellers Temple Necklace (556VA178)

Traditional south Indian brides wear jewellery that takes its cues from Chola-era jewels adorning deities. The intricate classic theme design of Polki diamonds, glittering rubies, exquisite emeralds embedded, and tiny pearls in 22k yellow gold keeps you devoted to your conservative heritage. The massive scale of this gorgeous necklace creates a remarkable contrast against the understated elegance of the traditional South Indian bridal sari. Combine this magnificent accessory with one of our classic temple jhumkas and bask in the spotlight like a true queen. Besides neckpieces, we also have vaddanam, vanki, maang tikka and even a gold pendant for women featuring this age-old artistry.

18K Diamond Fancy Choker Necklace (159VG1654)

This stunning diamond choker necklace features sophisticated and detailed craftsmanship, making it perfect for any bride who wants to seem both trendy and timeless. The necklace’s tiny wires of sumptuous 18k karat gold are interlaced in an intricate display of modern floral, paisley and net forms. A brilliant placement of small diamonds and square-shaped rubies makes it appropriate for various events. To complete your à la mode bridal look, try pairing this beautiful piece with amazing diamond jhumkas or indulging in our alternative intricate diamond haram necklace style.

22Kt Diamond Navaratna Necklace (162VG288)

Some brides have bucked our expectations by wearing brightly coloured jewellery known as Navaratna jewellery for their big day, which we initially felt was a bit much. From bangles and earrings to a gold pendant for women, you will find them draped in pieces embellished with nine multi-coloured gems. So, we created this stunning Navaratna diamond necklace to capture that splash of life that these jewels added to your ensemble. You will feel and look like a goddess in this exquisitely crafted creation. The eight stones that make up the necklace’s body contrast the necklace’s 22-karat gold parts and the diamond-studded flower motifs nestled within.

18Kt Peacock Designer Diamond Choker (159VG5915)

This enormous choker necklace featuring a peacock motif is a piece of jewellery art worthy of a queen. The intricate diamond, ruby, emerald, and semi-precious blue stones settings give this necklace a one-of-a-kind look that will last forever, making it a must-have for any bride’s jewellery box. The stunning necklace of glistening jewels will transform you into an imperious royal in no time.

Final words:

Browse our extensive online catalogue to find the perfect piece of jewellery for you. If you find yourself inspired by any gorgeous design which is not in there, let us know so we can create your unique bridal jewellery for you. Let us help you personalise your wedding day jewellery to reflect your style and personality. Our products’ distinctiveness and quality are the most rewarding perks of buying them, but there are many others.

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