5 FAQ’s About Laser Treatment for Wrinkles

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When your face starts to develop wrinkles, it is possible to restore your youthful skin through laser treatment. Laser therapy is a medical procedure that applies an intense beam of light to burn, cut, or destroy tissues.

Laser resurfacing treatment reduces facial wrinkles and skin irregularities like acne, scars, and blemish. This technique directs short beams of throbbing light at irregular skin, peeling off layer by layer. The treatment works as open surgery, leaving behind scars. The difference is that laser resurfaced skin takes shorter to heal than open surgery. Consider these frequently asked questions to understand the laser treatment for wrinkles better.

How Does the Laser Skin Resurfacing Work?

The laser treatment for wrinkles is an outpatient procedure. Treating the entire face might need sedating. First, the medical care team uses medication to numb your skin. After that, the professional directs an intense beam of light at your skin to destroy the outer layer called the epidermis. The light also heats the layer underneath (dermis), stimulating collagen production. At the end of this, the skin becomes smoother with a better tone and texture.

After the treatment, the skin becomes raw, itchy, and swollen. The healing process begins.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

An entire face laser treatment for wrinkles takes up to two hours, after which the dermatologist or plastic surgeon performing the procedure will bandage up the area under treatment: the face or part of the face. After twenty-four hours, you will have to clean the treated areas about four to five times a day then apply an ointment. Petroleum jelly is best for preventing scabs from forming.

It would be best to avoid washing the area with hot water or applying any creams with topical vitamin A derivatives. At the end of fourteen days, the skin should heal completely. However, your doctor may advise you to avoid smoking as it prolongs healing.

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

A series of three treatments is ideal for most patients to witness optimal laser treatment for wrinkles. The sessions should be one month apart to allow the skin to recover from the previous procedure. However, it would be best for the patient to use sunscreen post-treatment as the skin might be more sensitive than usual.

Who Is Eligible for Laser Treatment for Wrinkles Procedure?

Anyone with wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, or forehead is eligible for a laser wrinkles treatment procedure. However, this procedure is not suitable for skin with active acne. The best way is to check with a professional before taking laser treatment for wrinkles. In addition, you need to approach laser treatment with caution if you have a dark skin tone.

What Is the Best Laser for Skin Resurfacing To Treat Wrinkles?

There is a variety of lasers used in skin resurfacing. Your dermatologist will determine which one is suitable for you depending on your skin type and the treatment areas in question, whether the eyes, neck or the whole face. Therefore, ensure that the practitioner performing the procedure on you is a professional dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.

A Final Shot

Laser treatment for wrinkles is a good weapon against signs of early aging. However, it would be wise to consider quality against price when choosing a professional practitioner to perform the procedure on you. That way, you will avoid unnecessary side effects.