5 Fabulous Styles to Include in Your Saree Collection

Sarees are undoubtedly the most celebrated piece of clothing in Indian wear. They have stood the test of time and found a special place in the wardrobe of many generations. Being the first choice for special occasions, sarees have seen many variations in terms of style, material, drape, and even design.

Today, you can find a range of beautiful styles to add to your saree collection, each one better than the last. But there are five saree styles that are so fabulous that they definitely deserve a spot in your closet. Let’s take a look.

# 1 Ruffle Saree

If you like to dress up chic but have never been fond of sarees, try something different than a traditional saree style. Like the ruffle saree. Ruffles add bounce and flow to your saree and if draped well can give your body a flattering shape.

Want a saree to flaunt at your best friend’s wedding or a formal dinner with the family? A ruffle saree is perfect for you.

# 2 Graphic Sarees

Another modern take on the classic saree. This one is a must have in your best saree collection. Prominent motifs and solid colours, graphic sarees are the modern girl’s gateway to the world of sarees. These sarees can be paired with long-sleeve blouses or even a classic, crisp shirt for a modish look.  You can even choose to complete the look with an embellished belt to provide more structure to the silhouette.

These sarees can be you go-to outfit option for office or a date night with bae.

# 3 Sequins Saree

If you’re looking for the ultimate glam-bomb to add to your saree collection, a sequins saree is where your search comes to an end. This saree could be completely or partially covered with sequins. In bold colours and sheer fabrics, a sequins saree is all you need to make heads turn.

Perfect for family functions and weddings alike, a sequins saree can be a great option for girls who like to look glam. Pair it with a corset blouse and get ready to look like a million bucks!

# 4 Colour Blocked Sarees

Colour blocking is one of the latest trends that are dominating the fashion scene. This structured look when combined with the flowy and breezy saree, gives it the much-needed definition. You can opt for contrasting colours or opt for colours from the same family for a more gradient look.

These kinds of sarees can be incredibly versatile and worn at various occasions. Simply switch the blouse and take your saree from day to night.

# 5 Denim Sarees

Another new-age spin on this timeless classic garment, the denim saree is perfect for young girls who wish to wear sarees while looking trendy and chic. Classic saree drapes paired with the ever-stylish denim, this saree style would be one of the best pieces in your latest saree collection.

Pair it with an embroidered blouse for the perfect indo-western outfit and complete the look with a tan leather belt.

These are some of today’s trendiest saree styles to include in your new saree collection. These styles are inspired by the modern-day woman who balances a myriad of things every day. They are practical and free spirited just like the woman of today. So, if these latest saree styles inspire you to shop for a few trendy pieces for yourself or your loved ones, you can check out online retail stores like Snapdeal. At Snapdeal, you will get Brand Wali Quality Bazaar Wali Deal. Get high-quality sarees at affordable prices.

So, head to their website and explore their collection today!

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