5  best WordPress web3 plugins available today

There are already WordPress plugins in the official WordPress directory that use blockchain and other web3 plugin technologies, such as bitcoin. Below, we will examine a few of them in more detail.

1. Web3 token gate plugins

Web3 Token Gate is a cutting-edge token authentication plugin for WordPress built on the Web3 protocol. If a user has the appropriate Ethereum NFT in their crypto currency wallet, they will be granted access to restricted content through Web3 Token Gate. In order to verify that a user actually owns a certain cryptocurrency wallet, Web3 Token Gate performs an authentication check. You may use this add-on to make unique materials for your Ethereum NFT archive. ERC 721 tokens are the only ones supported by Web3 Token Gate at the moment. MetaMask is used for user verification.

You may configure two individual answers in Web3 Token Gate. Users will get a message with the secret information when they have successfully verified their identities. Users will receive a second failed verification notification if they are unable to prove ownership.

2. EthPress.

You can add a secure login option for users with MetaMask or any other crypto wallet that supports WalletConnect by installing the free plugin EthPress. After a user has authenticated using their crypto wallet, you may add your processing to the login process by using hooks. The login redirect hook, for instance, allows you to determine the destination URL for logged-in users. The EthPress plugin enables you to create a page in WordPress from which you can access your cryptocurrency wallet.

3. WordProof Timestamp

WordProof Timestamp enables the automatic timestamping of WordPress posts on any EOSIO blockchain. The pop-up certificate issued by the blockchain can be displayed on the website and made available for download as a PDF. Add a confirmation window showing when and how your visitor’s material was updated. This will assist you in obtaining copyright protection, being transparent with your readers, and meeting forthcoming EU rules. Publish in the Gutenberg editor with a notation indicating the page has been timestamped and a link to the certificate generated by the WordProof Timestamp plugin.

4. LikeCoin

The LikeCoin plugin aims to help forward LikeCoin’s vision of making publishing services accessible to everyone. This plugin will allow you to add your content’s information to the International Standard Content Number (ISCN), a blockchain-based registry for immutable metadata that keeps track of the connections between works of art and their creators. Your ISCN-linked content can be saved and distributed via the decentralized file system IPFS. Therefore, LikeCoin’s distributed ledger registry may be a trusted authority for all digital assets.

Also included in this plugin are mechanisms for recognizing and compensating those responsible for creating and maintaining registry material. LikeCoin tokens are awarded to content creators and curators whenever their work is liked or shared. They may be converted into US dollars, other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, or exchanged on controlled exchanges. Extra tokens can be awarded if other users “Super Like” their content. The LikeCoin button on WordPress grants access to all of these features. Likes-based WordPress post encouraging readers to sign up for LikeCoin.

5. Web3 Donations by DePuy

For the first time, WordPress site owners can accept P2P bitcoin payments across several blockchains with the help of Web3 Donations by DePuy, a free plugin created by DePuy. The DePuy Donations block makes it simple for site owners to integrate a donation button into their site, which can then be styled using CSS. Through WalletConnect, users of Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and over a hundred other crypto wallets can contribute donations. There are now two main ways for WordPress site owners to accept cryptocurrency donations, so this is a welcome addition. One option is to use a centralized crypto payment gateway, which often supports only a tiny subset of coins. Giving out wallet addresses in plain text is the alternative, but it could be more attractive and easier to keep tabs on.

A user donates cryptocurrency via a pop-up on a WordPress site powered by the DePay Donations plugin.

Future of WordPress and Web3

A small but growing number of WordPress users are adapting their workflows for signing in, making donations, and copyrighting material to take advantage of Web3 technologies like blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. As we go towards a new web era, site owners, end users, and developers may anticipate additional shifts in how they utilize and develop the platform.

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