5 Advantages of Using an E signature

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As a result of digital technology and the internet, lifestyles have changed. The way of doing business has also changed. The face of civilization is changing, making interactions between humans virtually and at a distance.

Wet signatures then began to be considered inefficient. Not easy and requires more costs. Evidently, a survey conducted by Forrester for Adobe revealed that 98% of companies had problems preparing, signing, and also managing the archive of agreement documents. This happens because these companies still rely on physical documents to make agreements.

Signature is a very important thing for business processes, almost all aspects of business require it. So it is not surprising that electronic signatures are an important part of digital transformation, and their use is one example of the realization of the digital era. For those of you who want to start using E signature, you must first know what benefits you will get when using it.

Here are 5 advantages of using E signature for business operations:

Save cost

The use of E signature software is the most affordable option for processing a document. Not only does it eliminate paper costs, but also shipping or transportation costs that sometimes cost a lot of money.

Helping environmental conservation efforts

By using the E signature, it means reducing the amount of paper used, then you stop contributing to the huge amount of waste generated by the paper industry. Did you know that about 400 million tons of paper and cardboard are produced every year? This is a major factor causing environmental damage.

Creating a better user experience

E signature helps to eliminate the problems that occur due to the conventional signature process, where everyone ends up relying on document sets where important information can easily be lost among the piles of other documents.


E signature also has other advantages, namely the assurance of security compared to conventional signatures. This is in line with the use of conventional signatures which are at risk of forging signatures. For example, fraud is the misuse of a person’s identity for personal gain.

However, you also need to know that one of the challenges that arise due to digitalization is the high-security risk due to the rise of cybercriminals. Currently, you don’t need to worry, because there are many E signature software providers who pay attention to the security of their users. In fact, now E signatures have been used in the financial industry to help protect sensitive financial information. Choose an electronic signature software that is equipped with a high level of security, so that it can help maintain the security of you and your client’s information.


There is no doubt that the presence of technology can increase efficiency. E signature takes advantage of this efficiency by enabling remote signatures that would normally take hours or even days to complete in seconds.

After reading the 5 advantages of using an e-signature solution, are you interested in using it? Foxit eSign offers E signature technology solutions designed to simplify the business processes of companies of all sizes.