4 Tips to Make your eCommerce Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendliness is a game changer, but it is a wider concept than the ability to be viewed on a mobile device. The number of mobile users has enormously increased. But not only do people use mobile devices to connect on using social media channels,  reading the latest news, and also shopping and making purchases. Your users expect to use eCommerce sites that are optimized for mobile.   A bad shopping experience can make customers reject your product and choose a competitor. These are the main reasons businesses create a highly responsive eCommerce website for their business.  

4 Suggestions for making your eCommerce website mobile-friendly

The benefits of a mobile-friendly website are numerous, like offering a better user experience and building a positive reputation. On the other hand, if your eCommerce website is not optimized for mobile decides, you may lose your customers. In this article, we gave you four suggestions to help you create a positive experience for mobile users.

1. Have a clear and responsive CTA 

CTA is one of the most vital factors you must pay attention to during this process. If your CTA is not responsive, you didn’t get the expected results. Users should easily find the call to action button, and you should navigate them to where to go and eventually take the desired actions. Later, you will be using emails to share newsletters. Combined with good subject lines, this will make your email marketing campaign more effective.

To make an eCommerce website mobile-friendly, you need to ensure that it stands out from the other elements in your website design. Centralizing it and using the right colors can make your CAT more effective. 

2. Offer simple and easy navigation

Navigation is key when you are trying to make a mobile-friendly eCommerce website, as it is responsible for responsiveness and user experience.  It’s not a great discovery that screen size is the main difference between desktop and mobile devices. Therefore you should create a navigation menu that will work for mobile devices, as traditional navigation menus on mobile devices can be hard to use.   It will be beneficial if you enhance your mobile eCommerce website design and make it easy for the user to navigate and buy your product.

3.  Suggest a cross-channel experience

Offering a cross-channel or omnichannel experience plays a huge role when making an eCommerce website mobile-friendly. It allows shoppers to cross platforms but get the same benefits and features. There are cases when users add the product to the card from a PC or laptop and finish it later on their mobile. If your website doesn’t offer an omnichannel experience, then your site visitors will leave your website quickly. In this case, it’s good to have someone who can resolve such problems. If there’s an employee who wants to become a business analyst, it’s the perfect opportunity for both them and you to help them carry their dream out. Regardless of your size of eCommerce, you need to provide an omnichannel experience on your website to make purchasing easy for the buyers.

4. Make the responsive images

Visuals and images inspire website visitors to take action. Whether you have gift cards available on your website or new products, it’s important to take good care of visual elements. Therefore it’s the core of an eCommerce website and vital when you are trying to make it mobile-friendly. While those visual elements can be valuable for desktop devices but don’t load on mobile devices.

You should focus on sharing high-quality images, but that doesn’t mean it should cause a slow loading speed. Slowness can lead to poor traffic and conversion. Adding responsive images can result in better loading speed and also ensure that users landing on your website are able to get the best shopping experience. 


Today users’ expectations made it essential to make eCommerce websites mobile friendly. It can bring more sales and conversion. On the other hand, poor experience on the mobile can make customers leave your online shop. In this article, we gave you steps to make your eCommerce website mobile optimized. The first thing you should do is have a clear CTA and help your customers easily navigate. Also, you should use visuals and pictures smartly and provide a cross-channel experience. These steps will guarantee that you can successfully make your Ecommerce website mobile-friendly.

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