4 Reasons to Visit UAE and Qatar This Year

As the summer is coming to an end, many are still struggling to book last-minute vacation packages. In fact, September, October, and even November are the best months to visit places that are too hot to visit in the summer, such as UAE or Qatar. Although they are both Muslim countries they are considered to be very open-minded and hospitable, and that´s why many tourists visit them each year.

Luxury Everywhere

Both countries offer many luxurious resorts to their visitors with all-inclusive packages, with five or seven-star hotels and many shopping centers where you can buy literally everything. With a plethora of fine dining restaurants and high-end hotels, Dubai and Doha have a lot to offer to those who like the finer things in life. Dubai has been included in a ranking of the most luxurious cities in the world where it ranks 16th. There is a study by finance experts that estimates the number of luxury hotels, restaurants, and designer shops in each city. Paris, London, and Tokyo were named as the top three in the world when it comes to luxury. Dubai has 188 luxury locations and ranks first among its many five-star hotels. The study found that there are 112 luxury resorts across the emirates, including the “seven-star” Burj Al Arab, Palazzo Versace Dubai, and One & Only The Palm.

Lovely Beaches and Safari

The beaches are sandy, and in addition to lying in the bright sun and swimming in the azure blue sea, you can enjoy the pool with a view of the sea, many parks, cafes, and water sports. You won’t be able to enjoy topless, drinking beer, or touching each other, but everything else is allowed. When you’re dizzy from the traffic, the tallest buildings, and the biggest shopping malls, you can treat yourself to a desert safari. Tours with camels through the desert are organized every day. In order to have a full experience of this magical Muslim environment, try having dinner at sunset, on the sand next to a camel. Locals say that night parties in the desert are another unforgettable experience. You can also go on an organized trip from Doha to the desert, in order to see the “sand sea” – Khor Al Udaid, or rather the desert dunes, which “drown” into the sea and vice versa, which is a rare natural phenomenon.

Spectacular Cuisine

Believe it or not, you can eat in Dubai and Doha for less money than in Europe. If you like Japanese cuisine, in some sushi bars you can eat as much sushi as you can for 20 euros all day long. So, you take a bus and spend the whole day relaxing in a bar and eating sushi. As they are a cosmopolitan and multinational environment (20 percent of the total population is made up of Arabs, the rest are guest workers), you will come across every cuisine, from Indian to French, or American. The variety of food is amazing and it is of no surprise if you put on some weight while you are there.

World Cup Qatar

For all football fans worldwide, this is the best time to visit Qatar as the next World Cup will be played there from Monday, November 21 to Sunday, December 18, 2022. It will be an unprecedented place on the calendar for the most important football competition in order to avoid high temperatures. Furthermore, Arabs are very charismatic, dynamic, hard-working, positive, and laid-back people, and among them, you will surely find friends for life. Entertainment is a big part of their culture and although they work hard, they certainly find the time to relax and entrain themselves. For instance, betting sites in Qatar is an expert guide to Qatar´s top-rated online casinos whether you want to find the best live betting apps or bet on seasonal events, like World Cup. They also offer detailed casino reviews, online slots and game guides, payment method information, bonuses, and much more.

In conclusion, you could visit both countries in one go, because there are very good connections between UAE and Qatar, so that´s one more reason to visit them.

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