4 Reasons to Buy a Forklift Instead of Renting One

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Forklifts are helpful equipment when handling heavy loads, whether in a warehouse or when doing a construction project. These machines have revolutionized the way we operate in our warehouses, especially in lifting loads that would otherwise cause injuries on our backs.

Some of the benefits that come with the use of forklifts include easing your work, increasing productivity, and reducing the chances of injuries at the workplace. You can choose either to buy or to rent.

However, deciding whether to buy a forklift or rent one can be difficult. However, both options are available at Octane forklifts.

If you plan on using it temporarily, renting would be the best choice. But if you want to use it for a long-term project or job, then renting could become expensive. This article looks at the 4 reasons you would need to buy a forklift instead of renting.

1. You Can Customize the Forklift

Sometimes the requirements of the tasks may require you to customize a forklift so it can suit the job. However, if you rent a forklift, you are restricted to customizing it. You are supposed to use it with its features when you rent. But if a forklift you fully own and you can customize it with as many features as you want to fit your project needs.

2. There Is a High Return on Investment When You Buy

Renting may seem cheap for a short-term project. However, renting in the long term becomes uneconomical. Sometimes, the cost of consecutively renting a forklift for a few years may be equal to or even higher than the cost of buying it.

3. You Have Unlimited Access When You Buy

Renting a forklift may delay your project, especially when you want to use it immediately. Suppose you are operating in a warehouse and want to use it to lift goods that the customer has just ordered; there could be many inconveniences.

Also, think about the valuable time you waste finding the best forklift rental service. That could hinder your business and lower productivity. But if you buy a forklift, you can use it anytime you need it in your operations.

4. You Can Rent/Sell to Other Operators

When you buy a forklift, you can decide to rent it to other operators, who pay rental fees, thereby boosting your return on investment. But if you rent a forklift, it is difficult to rent it to another user because you are limited in the time you use it, and you don’t own the equipment. You can also decide to sell your forklift after you complete your project.


It is advisable to buy a forklift instead of renting if you will use it for a long time or if you would like to customize the forklift. Purchasing a forklift also has a high return on investment in the long term. You will also have unlimited access to your forklift anytime you need it; this increases productivity in your operations as there is no time wasted looking for a forklift rental service. Buying is also the best choice if you would like to rent your forklift or sell it later.