4 Money Saving Tips for Product Warehousing

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Arguably the most important part of growing a successful business is taking care of your warehouse. The warehouse is where fulfillment begins and where your company helps customers get what they need.

It’s also where many of the more complex processes of your company occur, and where you’ll want to spend a considerable amount of time to make it better. In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that solid product warehousing performance will lead to the success of your business — and a poor one to its demise.

For this reason, you’ll want to start working on your storage logistics to create a company that will run smoothly and gets your products where they need to go. Keep reading this article to find out how!

1. Make Sure to Prioritize Maintenance Checkups

A maintenance checkup could be the difference between you successfully scaling your business and you being out of one. Your equipment, no matter how strong or durable, is bound to falter and even fail. If you let your equipment get to that point, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars just to get it back working again.

A simple checkup will help you to catch any problems before they happen, greatly reducing the amount you could be paying and helping you save that money for scaling instead.

2. Less Means More

It’s a pretty obvious statement that if you want more room, you need to get more space. But what if we told you that you could get the same results if you thought a little smaller?

You can create a more efficient warehouse by investing in VNA racking. VNA, or Very Narrow Aisle racking, using the room that your warehouse already has and makes more space by shrinking the size of the aisles. You would use a special forklift designed to work in VNA spaces so you could still reach your items.

Using VNAs would add more shelving space to your warehouse and is very cost-effective in comparison to enlarging the entire building.

3. Remove the Middle Man

Back in the day, it made sense to have a middle man to make things move. These days, you could just handle the operation yourself.

If your business has the funds, you’ll want to opt for building your own fleet to handle local shipments. Not only does this help keep things in the company, but it also allows you to save on costs in the process.

4. Try Purchasing Used Containers

This is a different twist on things that’s sure to save you money in the process. Buying brand new containers for shipping may seem like a good move, but in actuality, it just hurts your capital.

Instead, try purchasing used containers. High-quality used containers can come in the form of pallets, wire baskets, metal bins, drums, and more, and they do every bit as good of a job as new containers while saving you upwards of 40 percent in container costs.

Do Your Product Warehousing Right

Now that you know how to save on product warehousing, your business is sure to reach new heights and win against the competition.

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