4 innovations for skin lifting and wrinkle management

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  1. New HIFU Ultherapy ..the latest technology in deep skin lifting latest development that provides the highest efficiency of energy HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound in deep lifting, able to send energy into all levels, deep into the skin structure called SMAS and in other skin layers, including the middle layer that consists of wrinkles. Collagen and Elastin as well as getting rid of excess fat on the face which is the cause of sagging and the face frame is not proportional at the same time. New energy HIFU Ultherapy sends energy waves in a circular manner. while the former is an oval that makes the focal point and can control the energy more consistently, resulting in faster lifting results Amazing results from this special program. It can effectively deal with the problem of sagging. It also stimulates the creation of new collagen and elastin in the middle layer of skin. Makes the structure of the skin strong, both lifting and tightening the skin tight and smooth. Solve sagging skin problems Adjust the face shape to be slender, beautiful, bright, younger than the age.

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2. EnerJet, the latest innovation Send millions of filler bullets to restore repair under the skin layer.

Transforming the face of lifting by developing an innovation that does not use heat in skin lifting. EnerJet is a new innovation that changes the way you treat wrinkles. and completely sagging skin causes skin regeneration immediately With a huge amount of filler bullets that hit all skin layers. It works by using kinetic energy to make movement with very high wind pressure. Bring out the hyaluronic acid. or better known as filler through the skin to the internal skin tissue like nano bullets The molecules of the filler are dispersed into small droplets by the pressure of the wind. Runs through all layers of skin tissue. What happened was It causes the creation of new collagen more broadly and at the same time it penetrates deep into the SMAS layer that is the mesh that supports the skin tissue. causing the filling of wrinkles And create new collagen immediately, making the skin smooth, firm, reduce wrinkles clearly. Importantly, when there is no heat energy consumption. So there is no chance of burning the skin. Therefore, it is a significant change in medical skin treatment that does not rely on the energy that generates heat under the skin to restore or repair the internal collagen tissue.

3. Thermage Total Tip

is the latest development of technology Well known thermage tightening Send high-frequency radiofrequency energy to fix the deteriorated collagen to be tight again. Thermage has developed a new nozzle called Total Tip, which provides higher efficiency and better results. but less pain Suitable for sagging skin With quite a lot of meat, keep the face, cheeks, wattles, neck. Very effective. The results can last 1-2 years, depending on the individual.

4. Vector Lift, a technique for aging, adjusting the shape of the face in minutes.

Vector Lift was born from the research and development of injection techniques for more than 15 years, resulting in the perfect combination of injection to adjust the direction and angle. of the skin and muscle structure Including the bone line on the face until it has an angle and degree. That is perfect for each individual. It is a popular method among many celebrities, actors, models and models. because it can not only fix the face to look younger, it is like going back in time but can also adjust the direction of the facial muscles to get a face shape that is suitable for each person, including convexity, thickness, curves, and concave faces. to cover up weaknesses and add a highlight to the face. Get a perfect, natural face shape as well.