4 Etsy SEO Tips to Help Your Customers Find You

Starting and leading new online businesses has become much easier due to popular marketplace platforms like Etsy. Etsy SEO is able to increase your shop’s and products’ visibility in search engines like Google.

If you want your products to be discovered by many potential buyers, you must first of all learn how the platform works and how shoppers interact with it and here are the most effective Etsy SEO tips that will help you to engage with a lot of new customers for your shop. 

1. Choose your category and title 

Your shop title is a short description of your business that helps customers know what you provide and sell. Take advantage of the opportunity to title your store appropriately because this title will become the page title for your shop and will be the first text a user sees when a search engine links to your shop. Consider a title that fully reflects the category of your shop and products. 

2. Determine your main keywords

Keywords are the main and essential part of Etsy SEO, and you should determine what keywords are the most appropriate for you. You should take a moment and consider yourself as a buyer and determine which keywords will appear better in search listings. Try out some relevant keywords and test, so over time you’ll decide which keywords are appropriate for you and also good for the Etsy search engines.

3. Provide an excellent customer experience

Etsy provides customers with the best customer experience possible, thus online marketplaces like this, consider that business will succeed if it has a good track record of customer support. With the great customer service the chances of appearing higher with listings on search results will be increased. To provide users with the best customer experience, make sure that you follow the Etsy account policy requirements including About, Shipping, Privacy sections, and more. Also, keep proper communications with customers and answer all their questions if needed. 

4. Update your listings regularly

Updated listings often get a small boost, which can last from a few hours to a few days, depending on how frequently customers look for specific products on your listings. When a new listing is created, it appears on search results so Etsy can learn more about how customers engage with it and use that information to evaluate the listings and choose the frequency of updating your listings.  


As you experience selling on Etsy, you’ll see that there are plenty of ways to improve your On Page SEO skills and help potential customers to find your listings. There are always different ways you can make your shop more searchable and successful. So whether it’s about experimenting with different keywords or providing your customers with high-quality service, you have lost of options for growth. You won’t be able to make any sales if no one sees your listings, even if you have unique, high-quality products, so utilizing these Etsy SEO tips in your workflow will help your customers to find you and boost more sales. 

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