4 Common Locksmith Myths Debunked

Absolutely everything has a myth, there are always people who through luck or different experiences believe or say something that is not true, and this is so externalized that it begins to be a popular belief never disproved, because no one took the task of checking the data. And just as we have just said: everything has a myth, and that doesn’t excuse locksmith services

You’d be surprised how many things people hear on the streets to avoid having to call a locksmith during an emergency, or the things some people say about locksmith services only to be disappointed later. Be that as it may, today we are going to give you a little more clarity on many common myths that you shouldn’t believe and that may get you into trouble. Let’s get started!

A safe can be fixed

A big myth. It is true that safes after being opened by a locksmith can in some cases work again depending on the technique, but if you opened your safe by force and want to repair it, we have the bad news that this does not happen. A safe is made to protect, not to be patched. So when installing a safe, always make it a priority to avoid having to force it open.

Only need a locksmith during emergencies

Many people believe that they only need a locksmith service when they need to make copies of keys or when someone is locked in or out of the house without the ability to get in and out, and even in the latter situation they refuse claiming that breaking and entering is the best option and that “fixing things on their own” will make them more functional and decrease expenses. 

Because of this type of belief there are so many bad lock installations, maintenance problems, windows and garage doors with rusted locks and above all: So many accidents. The best thing to do is always to call a professional for anything you are going to do because this way you will avoid a bad time. 

The master keys

This is a bit of a funny myth, and there are people who really believe that all locksmiths in the world have a master key that opens absolutely all doors. Well, it definitely doesn’t work that way and we should be thankful for that. Can you imagine if it were real and every person who gets a license has a key? 

Master keys can open multiple locks in your house if you want them to, but only because all the locks have the same coding for this to be the case. So it would not work in another house. 

To get into your home that has several locks that respond to a master key, you need a locksmith to make a copy of that master key. Otherwise, no one else with another master key will be able to gain access to your home. 

Guaranteed job for being called “locksmith”.

And with the previous point we come to this one, again we repeat the question: Can you imagine if all locksmiths had a master key to enter your home, regardless of the type of person or service they provide and the quality of it? Just because a person calls himself a locksmith does not mean that he meets the necessary quality standards, you only manage to hire a good locksmith when you evaluate his capabilities and some specific characteristics that can assure you that he will not rip you off.

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