3 Tips to Increase Employee Engagement with Digital Learning

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On a monthly or yearly basis, traditional employee engagement approaches largely consisted of offering praise to the best-performing staff. Managers may occasionally rise from their seats to provide a pat on the back for a job well done. Old engagement approaches, on the other hand, no longer fit in with the new generation of talent entering the workforce and their needs, which include the demand for instant satisfaction.

This is where technology comes in to help firms keep their employees happy and engaged.

HR technology has completely changed the way businesses hunt for skilled employees and keep them aligned with the company’s goals. Employee engagement software, among its many sectors, has played a critical role in supporting firms in cultivating an engaged workforce through effective planning and automation.

Employee Engagement X Human Resources

HR management’s main goal is to select the best candidates from the available talent pool and motivate them to do their best. Organizations are now investing in various schemes that offer value to their employees and provide rapid gratification for their contributions in order to achieve the latter.

“Employee engagement is the emotional connection that an employee feels towards his or her organization, which tends to impact their behaviors and degree of effort in work-related tasks,” would be a standard definition.

Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can digitally engage your employees.

#1: Upskill the employees

Helping employees redefine their existing skill set is a wonderful technique that firms frequently overlook when thinking of ways to digitally engage staff. Encourage them to take up an SEO course or any other course that is deemed to improve not only the employees but also the business’s productivity. 

According to LinkedIn’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report, the majority of employees entering the workforce today have a strong desire to learn and advance professionally. However, due to a variety of issues, such as an ever-increasing workload, personal commitments, and more, their ambition is frequently thwarted. This may appear to be a personal problem, but it has a larger impact on their work performance.

As a result, technology has made learning simple for everyone, and as a responsible employer, you can use it to assist your staff in upskilling. You may do this by partnering with a variety of online course providers and allowing your staff to learn whatever they want at their leisure.

#2: Encourage Virtual Team Building Activities

Every employee engagement program should include team-building activities. These events allow you to bring your staff together and motivate them to work together to achieve their objectives.

However, it is much easier to organize such activities when your employees are present. Virtual team-building activities can still be held using a variety of digital technologies that promote the concept of gamification and are available to everyone.

Check out this list of virtual team-building exercises that are appropriate for businesses of all sizes to help them improve their digital employee engagement efforts.

#3: Develop Peer to Peer acknowledgment

Recognizing employee efforts at work, whether from a boss or a coworker, is at the heart of employee engagement. The latter are the ones who see their coworkers’ hard work up close and personal, and earning their gratitude is one of the best things an employee can do.

Make the employees understand the importance and influence of acknowledging their fellow peers. An employee would have made a recent web application development or maybe another employee came up with a brilliant ad campaign, encouraging coworkers to recognize these accomplishments, which will undoubtedly boost the company’s productivity.

Cloud-based employee rewards and recognition solutions make peer-to-peer recognition simple to implement. You can encourage your employees to send shout-outs to their peers whenever they unlock a new achievement by using the accessible communication channels when everyone is present.


In today’s world, where working from home has become the norm, keeping employees engaged has become a difficult task for HR professionals. Organizations may, however, fully engage their staff digitally with continual support from top leadership and smart use of available software solutions.