3 Great Tools Small Businesses Need to Use in 2021

2021 is proving to be a different year for businesses and especially small businesses. For example, more and more businesses will have to resort to remote services and operations in order to ensure that their business remains operational and profitable. That’s why there has been a rise in the availability of online tools, to help businesses and entrepreneurs cope with this transition. For example, in order to help communication from business to customers or even business to business, more and more businesses have relied on mass texting service apps to get their messages across. That is one way how businesses can adapt in the year 2021 with all the challenges and struggles. But there are techniques and tools they can use. Here are 3 great tools small businesses need to use in 2021.

3- Mass Text Messaging

As mentioned before, mass text messaging is a great way for businesses to call and communicate with their customers, suppliers, or even other businesses. Through mass text messaging, businesses can even promote their products and services and lets customers know when a particular sale is happening, or when there are other forms of promotions. Mass text messaging is also useful for diverting traffic to websites and social media and to help increase social media following. 

2- Online Video-Call 

Because of the mass lockdowns and remote working in 2020, a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses were forced to scatter and find ways to keep channels of communications going, and their operations going as well. That’s how the rise of several online video call apps came about. 2020 saw the prominence of such apps. Businesses needed a way to contact their partners and suppliers, and even their employees. They also needed to regularly set up meetings and attend them. So online video calls helped do just that. More people are using video calling software like Zoom nowadays. Zoom has smart features like adding a teleprompter for zoom. It enables users to see the subtitles during the video conference which is fantastic.

More and more businesses now prefer to use video calls and video conferences online than to attend in-person meetings, because there are a lot of benefits to online video conferencing. Firstly, the platform allows you to talk freely and all on the same screen while seeing and hearing each other clearly. Plus the time factor, and not having to travel to the meeting, is also a benefit. 

1- Third-Party Apps

Many businesses are being forced to move online and have some of their operations run online as well. Because of this, they are left having to find a way to make this transition happen. But the responsibility doesn’t necessarily all fall on the business itself. Today, there are many third-party apps that will provide valuable services for businesses. For example, there are a lot of apps that perform the role of an online marketplace, where businesses can place and promote their product for customers to buy. There are also third-party apps that provide delivery services, for restaurants or any sort of business that sells a product. This will help relieve businesses from the cost of setting up these services on their own. Instead, they just pay a small subscription fee or a percentage of their profits, and they will be able to use these services.

So there you have it, 3 great tools small businesses need to use in 2021. If you are a small business try to use one of these tools to help you with your business and your sales. It won’t hurt to have all 3 of them at your disposal, given how the world is increasingly becoming digital and going online.

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