3 Creative Ways To Generate Great Business Ideas

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Business ideas can be generated in many ways, while you are drinking a cup of tea, over dinner, or walking down the streets and thinking about your future. Whatever way it is, innovative and fresh ideas have more intent to be great and later turn into a successful business. 

Here you will find three creative ways that can help you generate great business ideas if you feel not motivated or not enough enthusiastic. 

Travel around the world

No wonder they say traveling is broadening. In case you want to generate great business ideas, traveling will help you rest from your routine, see and notice new things, brainstorm your ideas and generate new ones for starting your business

You may feel less motivated as you are tired, but visiting a new country, observing different cultures, and facing different realities might freshen up your thoughts and help you generate something new that doesn’t exist yet or at least would be new in your country. 

Draw what comes to your mind

To creatively generate business ideas start drawing. No one is going to evaluate your drawing skills, so do not worry about it. Drawing is another way to express yourself and your thoughts. There are some animation apps for amateur, which will be a good option to start with. You might draw something silly, but as your thoughts evolve you might find yourself creating something valuable and great ideas would appear on the paper. 

As you spent time expressing your thoughts on paper, you will see how objects, shapes, and colors hint you what would be a great business idea. Think of the details and you might end up fulfilling all the blank spaces with the business plan. The same is possible when you listen to motivating music and songs. Put together, drawing and listening to music can help you generate great business ideas.

Well, even if no great business idea gets generated during this process, you will at least calm down and feel relaxed, which is important when your brain is overloaded with a lot of thoughts. 

Survey your friends

“Please, fill in the survey. It will take just a few minutes”, you say and send a short survey to your friends. Ask questions to know what they would like to have, but they do not, what they like, whether they would be interested in buying a certain product or not, and why. 

These questions might feel boring, but your friends are meant to help you and they would be a great source of motivation. Apart from that, you will reveal their problems, and your business idea should be a solution. Hence, when you learn what the issues are, you will generate business ideas that solve the “buyers” problems, and that already makes your idea great. 

Wrapping up 

Every idea is great, even if not at the beginning, after a little shaping it will become great when you put lots of effort, enthusiasm, heart, and soul into it. But first, you will need to generate business ideas. 

While there are many ways to generate ideas, traveling, drawing, and conducting surveys are more creative ways to generate great business ideas. Take time to rest, observe new spheres, draw your thoughts and feelings, brainstorm, ask your friends, and motivate yourself that something great is ahead of you.