3 Blackjack False Shuffles You Should Know

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Are you going in for a game of blackjack? Make sure your blackjack strategy includes a proper understanding of false shuffles. Be a more informed player to maximize your gameplay.

Cheating in Blackjack

Throughout the years, casino games have offered numerous modifications in blackjack with different stake levels that you can choose from and enjoy yourself with. As another factor to consider, multiple forms of cheating in casino games have also surfaced. This includes online blackjack.

Today, the most extensively practised and most successful cheating techniques in table games have always been the ones done with the help of the dealer. This is because dealers are well aware of what can or cannot work in a casino game.

From this, dealers can use a particular technique in blackjack to fool players from easy card tricks to fancy false cuts.

Safety Tips in Playing Blackjack Games

Ensure you get the most out of your gaming experience by following these safety tips when you’re playing online blackjack games:

Play in Licensed Casinos Only

Always do your homework. Whether it’s a land-based casino or an online one, determine if it’s in a state where gambling is legal or if it’s licensed to operate. A simple online background check will save you time and money.

Stay Alert and Aware

It’s always best to have a clear mind in a casino. Always keep an eye on the cards without ignoring the dealer or other players. Impaired judgement will make you susceptible to possible trickery, so limit your alcohol intake.

Check the Facts

If you’re one to forego reading terms and conditions, you’re more likely to miss important points when playing. It’s also best to try out a game and learn about it before actually playing it.

Spotting Cheating Techniques

No matter how great of a hand you have or how powerful your strategy is, it’s almost impossible to win against a dealer who cheats. It takes a trained eye to spot the cheating techniques that a dealer employs. Take some time to learn about these 3 false shuffles to watch out for in blackjack:

False Card Shuffle

The most commonly used cheating technique by blackjack dealers is the false card shuffle. It’s a move that is predominantly practiced by many card trick magicians and is centered on a person’s dexterity.

The dealer would make it seem like he is shuffling the cards in accordance with the rules of the game. However, in reality, the cards are not shuffled at all, leaving them in the same position as they were in the deck to start with.

False Dovetail Shuffle

Another prevalent means of cheating is the false dovetail shuffle wherein the top card remains in its position throughout the shuffle. To do this, the dealer simply shuffles the cards normally. However, he would make sure that the last card to fall is the top card.

To keep more than one card in place on the top of the deck, the dealer would ensure that the upper half of the cut deck is larger than the lower. The bottom half will finish riffling before getting to the cards at the top of the upper half.

False Overhand Shuffle

This shuffling technique is another staple move in the fundamentals of card magic. In the false overhand shuffle, the dealer holds the deck in one hand where the cards are pulled one over the other to create a  random order throughout the deck.

With his left hand, the dealer holds the deck on its side with his fingers curled around the side and his thumb supporting the centre of the deck. The cards face the thumb so that the top card stays in place while the deck has to be facing the fingertips to retain the bottom card.

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