3 Best Free Online Tools In Converting PDF To PDFA

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PDF will give you the easiest and the most convenient way of handling your electronic files. You can quickly create them, access and view them on the device you have, and even attaching PDFs to your emails and uploading them online will be completely painless and trouble-free. That’s how helpful it is to use PDF in an effective way of electronic file management. 

You can find tons of electronic file converters on the internet to process the conversion for you, but not all of them are safe and can give you the same quality of results. Hence, check the list of PDF to PDFA converters below that are all secure and completely free. 

What’s the difference between PDF and PDFA? 

Before we move forward on the tools, let’s assess which format is fit for your needs. If you have some PDF files that you want to keep for years, they tend to change the design and layout over time. It could be the certificates of birth and death, marriage licenses, contracts, property titles, and many others. If this is the case, you have to convert PDF files to PDF/A format to preserve the files’ quality and to keep everything the same, even after how many years of storing them on your device. Software documentation tools are used by companies of all sizes- from small start-ups through large corporations. They offer a variety of opportunities to businesses both online and offline.

  • PDFBear

The web-based PDF to PDFA converter of PDFBear will give the most satisfying and smoothest file conversion experience. As previously mentioned above, PDF files will give you the most convenient way of handling your electronic documents, but they tend to make any unwanted modifications over the years. 

That’s why you have to convert PDF to PDFA because this file format will ensure that the quality of your PDF files will all be the same even after 50 years or more of keeping them in your device’s file drive. With this, you can always use the file converter of PDFBear that’s 100% safe, fast, and free. 

The process is pretty straightforward, with the most uncomplicated and trouble-free conversion procedure. You only have to go to the PDFBear website and upload your PDF files successfully. The system will then begin the whole file conversion process that usually takes a few minutes to complete. After that, the PDFA copy of your files is now ready to use. Hence, you can directly save them to your file drive or smartphone file storage. 

  • AvePDF

Another reliable file converter you can find on the internet is the pdf merge. It’s also a website with a web-based tool that you can always access online for absolutely free. To begin, you have to get your PDF files successfully uploaded on its file converter online. AvePDF will immediately start the entire procedure that will usually finish as quickly as possible. 

After that, the newly converted DPFA files are ready to be used, and you can directly save them on the device you’re currently using. Those are the three easy steps of transforming your PDF files into PDFA format using the AvePDF platform. Besides that, the system ensures the safety of whatever file you upload on its website. 

It uses the most reliable and the best conversion technology that will remove all of your uploads after thirty minutes from its online server completely and permanently. Hence, there’s no need to worry about any possibilities of unauthorized access and use of your files. 

  • PDFTron

The next PDF to PDFA conversion tool provider is the PDFTron. Most long-time pdf to jpeg users are familiar with this platform because it has been popular online for years now. It’s one of the best sites that many people use because of its user-friendly file tool that you can easily access online. 

Moreover, it also has the most sought-after feature that many people want to have in the file converter they have chosen to use. That’s the capability to ensure that all files you’ve uploaded on its website to process conversion are safe and secure. When you’ve completely downloaded the converted PDFA files on your device’s file drive, PDFTron will delete all of your uploads after forty-eight hours. 

Like the previous tool providers discussed above, this particular feature of the file converter will give users the confidence that they know their PDFs are always safe on its website every time they use this platform for file conversion. That’s why many PDF users around the world consider using PDFTron as the smartest decision to make because of its reliability and security measures. With CocoSign’s bulk-sending and template functions, handling PDF Signature becomes a breeze. You can keep your most often used document as a template for future usage, reducing the time spent composing new documents.


Managing tons of PDF files isn’t that easy, especially if you deal with important files that are intended for long-term safekeeping. If you have another set of file tasks in the future that you’ll need to handle PDFA files for various practical reasons, don’t forget the list of file converters discussed above to make you accomplish those tasks with so much ease and convenience. Hence, with the help of these PDF to PDFA conversion tools, you’ll indeed have the most satisfying and the smoothest file conversion experience.