11 Casino Youtube channels to start following right now 

No matter how much anyone talks about the negatives of gambling, one cannot deny that casinos provide entertainment and excitement. In the United States, a trip to Vegas is on the cards for most people. 

In recent times, apart from land-based casinos, online casinos have gained immense popularity throughout the world. For all of the gamblers out there, you don’t need to pick yourself and go to the casino anymore, you can gamble responsibly online as well. ‘Responsibly’, is the keyword. 

The legal age for gambling varies by state in the United States, and from country to country throughout the world. In regards to online gambling, it depends on where the online casino website or app is hosted, which gives people more access than they would usually get. 

Due to it’s high-demand globally, casinos all over the world are working hard to make gambling a safe activity. Both land-based and online casinos are introducing security technology as well as spend limits, to make the activity of gambling much safer than it has been in the past. 

Before getting into gambling, you need to do enough research. It is important to practice your skills, build your game, understand your strong suits and weaknesses. You cannot be a successful gambler without strategy and budgeting. 

There are a lot of online resources that help you develop your skills, and provide information on the best online casinos, land-based casinos, specific slots, and bonuses. 

According to OnlineCasinoGems, if you are a visual learner that is into gambling, the best way to incorporate yourself as a member of the casino world is to watch videos produced by some amazing casino-focused Youtube channels. 

Below is a list of 11 casino-based YouTube channels that will teach you, excite you, and give you all the information you need on casinos and gambling. 

1. Brian Christopher Slots 

As the name suggests, this channel is run by a slots-lover named Bryan Christopher. Brian shares awesome videos of him playing slots on the regular. 

Brian is well-versed with all the types of slots out there and provides a lot of tips and tricks. He wins, he loses, you get to see it all. What doesn’t change is the fact that he is excited at all times. 

Whether you are planning on betting $1 or $100 per spin, this channel will guide you through the process of playing slots. Brian’s channel promises to ‘educate and excite’ it’s viewers and definitely delivers. 

2. SDGuy 1234 

This channel claims to be ‘the first stop for all things casino’ and rightly so! SDGuy 1234 provides information on literally every type of slot and game. 

The channel delivers content on exciting online casinos with bonuses, jackpot wins, and interesting slot machines. They make sure to release a ‘slot alert video’ whenever there is a new slot worth trying online. 

If you plan to keep up with what’s trending in the casino world, this is an amazing channel to follow. 

3. Casino Daddy 

Casino Daddy is a channel run by three Swedish brothers that are all about casinos. These hosts live for the casino world and play everything from slots to blackjack and poker. 

This is a unique channel that gives you information on multiple casino games and also live streams gameplay. The brothers show you their wins and losses and release educational videos on games. 

To top it all, this channel streams games almost 24/7! The channel is fun with its highlighted clips on big wins and funny moments. 

Casino Daddy definitely succeeds in sharing a complete experience which makes it a channel you should definitely follow if you are a gambler or curious about casino games at all. 

4. American Casino Guide

American Casino Guide is like the dictionary for gambling. This channel is highly educational with its content. 

Craps bets, slots, blackjack, you name it, and the channel provides valuable information on the topic. They also interview gambling experts so you get some great perspective from real-life winners. 

The channel’s focus is on providing value and making sure viewers learn how to increase their possibilities of winning at casinos and limit their losses. 

5. Lady Luck HQ

High Limit Slots and real talk is all this is channel is about. Lady HQ focuses on slots, but also has a couple of other video logs to shed light on other casino games. 

Their videos titled ‘Honest Answers’, give you a non-promotional perspective on gambling. Lady Luck also runs a video series called ‘Trending Tuesdays’. 

Trending Tuesdays focuses on talking about trending casino games all over the web, wins, losses and other industry news. 

Lady Luck HQ is a well-packaged channel that should be followed by all casino and gambling enthusiasts. 

6. RockNRolla’s Gambling Channel

The host of this channel takes a unique approach to show his games to viewers. The cool thing is that he doesn’t reveal the outcome of any recent game until the video is a week old. Meaning, the titles do not include the result until the video is a week old, making the videos exciting to view by building curiosity. 

Paul, the host of the channel, focuses on gameplay that is built around establishing high bankrolls. He encourages his viewers to not fall for gambling addiction by setting win goals and loss limits. 

The channel also shares information on giveaways and bonuses available online. 

7. Jonathan Little Poker Coaching 

If you are a fan of poker, this is the channel you want to follow. Jonathan Little, the host of the channel, has a history of success in the casino world, playing poker. 

Through this channel Jonathan shares poker strategy videos that promise to help you improve at your game in all possible ways. 

Jonathan has been the author of 11 best selling poker-based books and won over 6.4 million USD playing the game. The stats speak for themselves, go and learn some poker skills from this amazing poker player. 

8. The Captain Davo 

The Captain Davo is a channel run by Mark Petersfield, and Mark is all about Blackjack. Mark started his career in Blackjack at the age of 18, going on to have a high win percentage which provided for a stable career. He plays Blackjack online and in land-based casinos and shares videos of all experiences.

Mark was once diagnosed as an addict, so he definitely focuses on spreading the message about gambling responsibly. Who better to learn from than someone who has experienced the positives and negatives of being in the casino world. 

Mark is definitely an expert at Blackjack. He uploads all of the gameplays through live streams and highlights videos so you can learn from him. 

9. The Big Jackpot 

As the name suggests, this channel is all about big wins. The content on this channel is not for high-rollers, as the host doesn’t really claim to be a high-roller. 

That being said, over time the host has registered some really big wins. What’s good about this channel is that it doesn’t only focus on the big wins. There are videos about some regular hand payouts as well. This gives you a more realistic picture of how to play slots or any other games in casinos while managing expectations. 

The channel has thousands of global subscribers, and you can definitely learn a lot from watching videos on this channel. 

10. NG Slot 

You must be wondering if this is like any other youtube channel focused on slots, but NG Slot is in fact a unique channel. 

The host of this channel has a very personalized approach and is quite entertaining. Once you start following the channel, you will find not only gameplay videos but also videos of the host having honest conversations with the viewers. 

The channel highlights, big wins, small wins and also indulges in penny slots. Viewers can learn how to bet anything from 50 cents to 100 dollars. If you prefer listening to the commentary on videos to help you, this is the channel you should be following. 

11. Vegas Low Roller

Vegas Low Roller is one of the few channels that focuses on low rollers. If you intend to be a low roller, this channel provides some good experiences of the host that you can draw from. 

The prime purpose of this channel is just entertaining and sharing real-life experiences of the host. The approach is super casual, which makes all of their videos interesting. 

If you are a regular gambler or just someone curious about trying your hand at low-risk gambling, this channel would be great to follow. 

Due to the growth of the online casino market, the overall casino market worldwide is growing rapidly. 

All of the eleven casino game based channels above provide something unique to their viewers. Make sure to check out the ones that interest you. If you are planning to gamble on the regular, please do so responsibly. Good luck at the games! 

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