11 Best plugins for your wordpress website

In the present time the wordpress websites have become the first preference of the marketers as well as the business owners. Once you have planned to bring your business online, having a website is the first step towards it. Now you want the website to be tech savvy and at the same time rich, user friendly, great in design and functionality. All this is possible by choosing wordpress as there are numerous themes to choose from and can be customized as per the need. Then you have so many frameworks and plugins that not only enhance the website’s functionality but make a huge difference too.

Owing to these factors only more and more people are now turning towards wordpress as one of the most effective platforms for creating the website. But choosing the right plugin is important so that you are able to make the most out of it. Though the selection of the plugin usually depends on the type of website but there are some common plugins which can be integrated with any site and can do wonders for your business.

If you too are confused and have no idea about the different wordpress plugins that you should integrate, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best plugins which are worth having in your website for improved experience.

  • Jetpack – The very first plugin that you should have on your website is Jetpack using which you can easily boost the security features, enhance the overall look of your website and ensure a rise in the traffic as well. Automatic sharing feature gives you the advantage to post the content at the time you wish to. For better indexing sitemaps can be created with it as it helps in the overall rank of the website. It tells you about the downtime of the website in every 5 minutes thus giving you the benefit to keep a check on it. In all it is a complete plugin that you can rely on. 


  1. W3 Total Cache – Caching is definitely a big problem but with W3 total cache you can easily find a solution for it. With the help of this plugin you make sure that all the data of your website is stored in the cache and thus the loading time of the website becomes faster. In this way the performance improves by leaps and bounds and even the visitors love visiting your website. So if you are looking forward to boost the functionality as well as the performance of the website, this is an ideal plugin for you.


Apart from this you can save a lot on the bandwidth thus offering you additional benefits. Another option that you can try is the WP super cache which has more or less similar features and helps you with all the desired caching attributes.


  • Broken link checker – No matter how attractive your website maybe but if there are broken links or pages then it is sure to have an adverse impact on the popularity and credibility of your website. By installing the broken link checker you can automatically get checked all the broken links and repair them as soon as possible. Using it is similar just you have any other broken link tool. The best part is that it will check your pages, posts and other sections too for complete repair.


Also it will deny the search engines to land to the broken pages thus enhancing the experience of the visitors and making them happy.


  • Social icons – Social media marketing is the need of the hour as it helps in getting a lot of visitors. So it becomes all the more necessary to have social media ions on your website via which the users can directly reach your page. But sometimes having more icons brings down the performance of the website and this is when this free plugin comes into use. Its support for 100 social media icons will not only be fruitful for you but can improve the appearance of the website too.


Using the customized options you can easily change the icon size, its layout, shape etc. You just have to drag the icon and drop it at the desired position. So using the plugin is quite simple. 


  • Wordfence Security – Security of your website is something you cannot compromise with and that is why you need to have a plugin which would accomplish the purpose. Wordfence security is one such tool that you can depend on as it incorporates a number of features like traffic monitoring, firewall protection, 404 errors, blocking and lots more. All the real time activities will show up thus making it easy for anyone can get an insight about the protection of their website. 


Its two factor authentication is yet another security aspect that you would be able to enjoy thus preventing the website from hackers and unethical people. 


  • Akismet – It is also a free tool that keeps a check on the comments coming to your posts. In case the plugin finds any comments that appears to be a spam it will remove it automatically. Also it gives you a complete report of all the comments that were deleted so that you can review and reconsider them. You can check the same in the history section of this web service for more details. 


  1. Ultimate branding – If your website is entirely for business purposes, a professional look is something that you would like to achieve. So you need a plugin that can help in easy handling of your website. With Ultimate Branding you can not only customize your logo but add much more to it. You are free to change the admin bar, the position of the logo, colour theme etc. With small changes you can add that unique touch to your website which can increase its popularity and seek the attention of your business clients too.


  1. WP Smush – This is the plugin which will help in optimizing your images and ensuring that it makes your website look more appealing. WP Smush is one such tool through which you can easily ensure that your images are great and at the same time consume less space and load faster. Compression as well as optimization both can be achieved with this single tool hence you need not download two different ones. The best part is that it supports all the different formats thus giving your images that superior touch which it was lacking before. In all you can say that it is a good plugin and worthy for your website. 


  1. Yoast seo – Most of the traffic coming to your website is from the search engines, that is why it is essential that your website is seo friendly. This will help in better ranking which in turn will improve the traffic. So you need a plugin that can fulfil this purpose without any problem. Yoast SEO will definitely increasing the ranking of your website but help you in creating content that helps in better search. The main motive of this tool is to assist in right creation of content that grabs the eye of the people. So this plugin is a good guide and even the non-technical people implement it in an easy way. 

Apart from this, it analyses the different pages of your website, focuses on how the different keywords are used, whether alt and meta tags are used or not. Thus with the help of this tool you can definitely make your website seo friendly and keep a check on the various activities that would bring down the rank or its position.

  • CSS Hero – This is the plugin which can easily augment the overall look of your website. The wordpress themes are coded in CSS and what would be a great choice than using a tool which can help you in giving an exclusive effect to your theme. Everyone wants their website to stand out and with CSS hero you can add a fresh touch to the theme and customize it as per your requirements. The best part is that you need not have any knowledge of coding and still customization can be achieved. So why not integrate such a useful tool.
  1. BJ Lazy Load – Many times it is seen that website takes too much time to load which have a bad impression on the visitors. It not only moves the interest of the users but results in the decline of the traffic too. This is where the BJ Lazy load can play a crucial role and make sure the site loads faster no matter how many images are present in it. The best thing is that the content will load only when the users request so that the website open in just a fraction of seconds. Even if your website is having videos it will optimize the same and work on the overall performance. So website optimization can be achieved using this plugin and that too in a single click. 

Thus these are the 11 plugins which are must for every website. From website optimization to image optimization, security, boost the speed of your website and theme customization these plugins can do everything that would help in increasing the visibility and the credibility of the website. So do get familiar with these plugins and install them on your website for the finest experience you have been looking for or feel free to contact Freelance SEO Consultant.

You will surely love the difference you see in the traffic, growth of the website and the customer satisfaction. Try installing some of the plugins which are needed by your website.

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