10 Ways to Make Your Shower Less Boring

Besides washing yourself, you can try to make your shower less boring. Remember that a person spends 10 minutes showering on average and if you use your shower time optimally, you can enhance your brain function, become more efficient and live a healthy life. 

These 10 activities should help you to make your shower less boring.

1. Be creative

A shower is a place where you can relax your brain. Anytime you relax, a dopamine rush is experienced in your brain. This can be amazing if you are interested in finding something creative that can inspire you. Take a hot shower and you will have more dopamine rushing through your head. This way, you can engage in activities such as lighting scented candles or using a variety of foams that can help make your showers worthwhile.

2. Play an audio

You can have audio playing in your bathroom, and this can be an educational recording or any other. Although the time that you will be in your shower is short, there are many awesome things that you can learn effectively. When taking a warm shower, there will be more dopamine flowing in parts of your brain and this helps to ensure that you have more retention ability. If you play an educational podcast, there is a lot of knowledge that you can gain in the process.

3. Plan your day’s schedule

You can plan your day’s activities perfectly while you are in the bathroom. During this time of the day, your critical skills will be in full swing while the noise that your shower makes will help in blocking other distractions.

4. Meditate

Meditating is one of the ways on how to make showering less boring. You can use your shower time to meditate and this will assist in ensuring that your brain changes how it functions every day. Meditation is also a powerful treatment that has been proven to work against anxiety and depression. Incorporate meditation into your everyday routine and you will be able to realize lots of benefits.

5. Sing

Singing is one interesting way to make your showers more interesting and since you will be having more dopamine in your brain, singing helps you enjoy more relaxation. Singing also boosts the functioning of your heart and lungs. Singing produces powerful sensations that are completely satisfying. This can also be helped by the acoustic sounds that a bath makes.

6. Bring down the temperature

Those who stand cold water can benefit immensely from the diverse health benefits that this offers. A cold shower boosts the immune system, while also reducing the buildup of uric acid.

7. Monologue

Recreate your comedy moments while you are in the shower.  While this may sound silly, it boosts your mood.

8. Solve some problems

If you have financial problems, you can talk to yourself while bathing about how you can get out of those challenges. 

9. Organize your bathroom

Organize and reorganize your bathroom and you will come out leaving it looking attractive.

10. Try a new shampoo

A new shampoo should help you get the best out of your bath. Try it and you will help make your bath session interesting.

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