10 Quick Video Editing Tips & Tricks For Beginners

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These days, the attention span of the consumers is limited. Most people prefer consuming content in the form of videos. Videos are more appealing and portray the true emotions the content creators want to convey. Hence, it is very important to create quality content while making a video. 

Creating a video and presenting it to potential consumers is not an easy task. Video creation starts from storytelling and writing scripts. After recording it, it is sent to the video editors to edit the content. The content creators who are beginners prefer editing their videos. 

In this article, we are going to read a few tips and tricks related to video editing that will help beginners edit the videos quickly while they learn the skills. 

  • Choosing the video editing tools

As a beginner, this step is one of the most important steps. Producing a storytelling session, writing a proper script, and shooting a video require a lot of time and effort. But all these steps will not be fruitful unless the video is edited properly. Editing a video in itself is a difficult task. Beginners often confuse which video editing tool they should use. 

There are several offline and online video editors available. But as a newcomer, you should select a free online video editor. This will help you experiment with several types of editors if you don’t feel good with one. Also, the best film editing software will help you grow more and transform you from a beginner to a professional editor without investing a single penny for editing purposes.

  • Prefer using a computer with high speed

A fast computer is necessary to store huge files. If the computer has enough space, storing these video clips will not slow down the computer. This will not bother the editing work performed in the video. 

For speedy work, a video editor must invest in a storage drive that works faster. It is also recommended to use suitable video cards and processors. Also, the editor should focus on increasing the memory of the computer. If the computer has a comparatively high speed, it will help the editor edit the video content efficiently. 

In short, to edit a video efficiently, a beginner must have a computer with a higher memory size and clock speed. 

  • Derive the project files

If you are a beginner, watching some tutorials related to video editing is recommended. Whether you do it or not, the primary work for editing a video is to collect the project files. These clips or files are separately shot. Therefore, uploading all these clips is very important. 

Once the video clips are uploaded, the video editor must sort the video clips in a sequence. Arranging these clips in sequence will help the video editor edit the clips and merge them into a proper video easily without spending much time. After the project is completed, the video editor can derive the final work after all the steps are properly executed.

  • Follow 321 Rule

Be it a beginner or a professional. This rule works best for all. To edit the video efficiently, the video editor must implement this rule. This rule helps the video editor execute the video editing steps efficiently and correctly. This rule works best because implementing it will edit the video as per the requirement of the editor. 

This rule means you must create three copies of the work that you create and keep it in at least two separate places and one of these three copies must be physically separated from the other location. Thus, if the work is deleted in between editing or after editing for any reason, a copy will be a huge file to remain. This will prevent the editor from creating the entire video from scratch.

  • Implement different colours

There are several colour editing processes. Two of them include colour correction and colour grading. Using the colour correction process, you can adjust all the clips you will add to your video to maintain a basic consistency. It is mainly implemented when we merge clips shot from two different cameras and easily identified. 

To make them look similar, the brightness, contrast and white balance must be adjusted. This will sort the problem. Another important process is colour grading. This process will present a video from a fixed perspective. As a beginner, you should try not to invest your time and effort in this process because it is a high-end editing process that the experts use in their videos.

  • Give suitable audio to your video

One of the most important editing tips and tricks to edit the video is audio or music. A beginner should realise the importance of adding music. It is very important to add suitable background music. Audios set the mood and pull out the emotions effectively. The right track also boosts the energy of the entire video. 

A beginner must experiment with a lot of music by playing the tracks. There are several techniques to cut the videos and derive the ideal points in the audio waveform. Do not add audios that have copyrights because copyright issues may arise if added. 

Royalty-free music is available on several websites and anyone can use them in their videos. As a beginner, it is recommended to use them.

  • Audio balancing is important

Balancing the audio is crucial. Depending upon it, the watch time of the video and the consumers’ attention will rely upon it. If there is a voice-over and a piece of background music in a video, balancing both of them is a task. 

If the background music volume is higher than the voice-over, it will mess up the entire thing, and the audience will avoid watching it. Thus, as a beginner, you should carefully balance the audio in the video. Firstly, adjust the speech. After it is adjusted, you can adjust the background music if there is any. 

  • Experiment with Texts and suitable Graphics

Once the trimming and other basic editing are done, the video editor can add text or graphics if they wish. Besides the film’s title, you can add more text for mentioning the film credits or mentioning the subtitles. But everything should be as simple as possible. 

To keep it neat and clean, the preferred text font should be white sans-serif. This will not capture much attention and the audience can watch the video without much interference. 

You can also add graphics to your videos using any online video editor. Adding simple graphics will make the video look impressive.

  • Sort out the rights

As beginners, we often casually take the copyright thing because we don’t enlighten ourselves enough. When we inappropriately use the songs with copyrights, our videos get restricted and not published. Some of the famous social media platforms take these issues very seriously. These sites include YouTube and Facebook. These platforms are very strict and take down the videos immediately if such problems occur. 

To solve this issue, beginners should include royalty-free musicSeveral websites offer royalty-free music. These websites don’t impose copyrights, and anyone can use them in their videos. If you are in contact with a musician, you can also produce music especially for your videos. But in that case, you must have enough money to invest.

  •  Store your final work separately in case of future use

This is a crucial trick that a beginner needs to keep in mind. It is very important to store the final work. It is because if there is some technical error and you lose your work, you can recover it from the storage area. But it is not possible otherwise. 

Many video editing tools, including online video editors, automatically store the edited content as a backup. This is because of the probable technical error if it arises. In the case of an offline video editor, there is a possibility of losing the work if the drive that was used to store the video content crashes. The entire hard work will go to waste.


Videos are trending. It is because the audience prefers consuming video content more than another form of content. Video creation starts from storytelling and writing scripts. After recording it, it is sent to the video editors to edit the content. The content creators who are beginners prefer editing their videos. Thus, more and more content creators are creating and producing videos. The above tips and tricks are dedicated to beginners who have just started creating video content. All these steps are of utmost importance. 

If you are a beginner and want to create quality video content, you must follow all the above steps and prepare yourself efficiently. It is also recommended to get some free tutorials that are available on a platform, especially on YouTube. Tutorials help beginners use offline or online video editors to edit the videos and present them to the audience.